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Originally Posted by eldavojohn View Post
Wow dude, I am brand new to this forum and I gotta say I love this sketch thread! Those are some beautiful cards man, I also really like the Elvin Hernandez cards I've seen on here.

I've noticed a lot of people using Photobucket on this forum, is that the preferred image manager? I've been using imgur but I think I would like to post some of my sketch cards in a thread and I'm not sure if you guys prefer one over the other.
Thanks--I appreciate it Yeah, Elvin Hernandez is an artist I've really taken notice of from what he did for premier.

As for what image manager to use--I've always used Photobucket, so it's just a habit for me. It does all I need and is easy for me to do uploads and manage what I have into subfolders. I've heard other people say they really like imgur, though.

Rian mentioned, which I think is a good idea as well if you will be focusing on sketch cards. I've set up an account there, but I was waiting until my collection stabilizes a bit before I copy my sketch card scans over there. I like that you can search by artist in other people's collections and it has a more standardized organization model than what you'd see in Photobucket, which of course works for them since it's focused on just one type of image.
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