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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
in my opinion they put them in the hobby direct boxes with a better ratio that's why, all the superfractors i've pulled have always come from a hobby shop, never pulled one from any other spot...... and the ratio is skewed crazy.... I pulled several from the local hobby shop, and only probably bought around 100 boxes..... i've done probably a million breaks from other spots, never pulled a 1/1, superfractor, or any of that. I could be wrong? just lucky maybe? but it just seems that way to me..... I always pull crazy stuff from the local hobby shop boxes. so do most other people that go there when they buy the boxes.
This seems to be the case with me as well. I've pulled my one and only super from a single box from my hobby shop, and I've seen quite a few others pulled there as well. I've never once pulled a super anywhere else, and I order a ton more than I buy at the shop.

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