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Default 1 case of 2012 Bowman Draft

Hey all! Just busted a case of draft last night, don't have scans yet though. I will get some up tonight. Top 2 cards that I pulled were both of Mike Zunino, one being an Aflac auto and the other is a blue refractor auto. Problem is, and this happened on a couple of the other autos as well, the blue Zunino is horribly scratched. I'd like some advice on how to go about getting a replacement, as I've never had to do it before. Should I just call Topps CS? Thanks!

The Zunino has a bad surface scratch going from the auto down to his name on the card, it doesn't seem to show up well on scans though. Also, there are some light scratches going across his body. On the Marrero, you can see the big scratch going through his name to the bottom of the card...ouch.

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