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Originally Posted by otmack2o View Post
I just checked my dispute on paypal and...

Status: Pending until Friday, November 30, 2012 What's this?Your refund will be pending for 3-5 business days until it clears.
Subject: Cards and Stuff has just sent you $1,375.00 USD with PayPal
Note: personal issues, was unable to ship...sorry, providing refund of purchase

I guess I won't have to cancel Christmas after all!

On a side note, if anyone sees the Brad Miller superfractor auto pop-up for sale please let me know!

Wow, it now shows this:

Status: Pending until Thursday, December 13, 2012 What's this?

I called Paypal and they said that the bank had insufficient funds so now they will try to get the funds from that account again in 3 days. If that fails they will then try his backup source on the account. If that too fails then Paypal will cover the funds under the buyer protection agreement. I guess that means that I will get the funds back, but the seller may actually be able to get away with pocketing the cash!
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