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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
Fair enough - he "pays" for the one he does win - but it's absolutely ridiculous, and we'd call out any 99% of people, if they bid on multiples of the same item - and then retracts all their bids on the ones they don't want anymore.

So I stand by my statement - he bids on items he doesn't intend to pay for - because if he bids on 10 of the same item he's only paying for 1 of them. So 9 of those bids, even if he doesn't win, he has no intention of honoring. The others he'll just retract the bid as if it wasn't a big deal to bid in the first place.

That royally screws sellers.

Originally Posted by ebacardi2 View Post
12hr retraction rule but yeah what a JA
Lol. Says the guy that had 49 retractions in 30 days.
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