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Originally Posted by Bader View Post
I dunno IMO I see singles from S2 selling very high to begin with....being the product was extremely allocated to begin with and pre-orders selling out very early...I think collectors will go crazy over S2.....especially those collectors in Australia and Europe where they didn't have an opportunity to purchase any boxes unless they got them online from stores or ebay.

Have they announced whether the Madison Lentz (zombie) autograph is an SP ?

I think these autos will be the most common
Lauren Cohen
Laurie Holden
Steven Yeun
Iron E. Singleton
Jeffrey Demunn
Scott Wilson

I'm just curious as to how many Andrew Lincoln signed...100?...200 at most?

11 days away from release and I'm getting super excited!!!
I see S2 being like S1 where you rarely got Reedus and Bernthal in the same case. You usually got one or the other. I could see Lori and Rick being the same way.
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