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Originally Posted by Bader View Post
I think these autos will be the most common
Laurie Holden
Not for her. The official interview:

"You announced that Laurie Holden’s autograph card was received late for Season 1 and will be inserted in this series instead. Is this correct? Also, it was announced this will be a rare insert for Season 2. Is there anything unusual about the scarcity of this card?

Laurie’s Season 1 Autograph card will be a “Rare” insert in the Season 2 packs, that is correct. These cards are “Rare” because there are two versions, so while the chance of getting a Season 1 card is approximately 1:1.5 case, if you are looking for one in particular it will be about 1:3 cases, making it the rarest Autograph card in the set. Those are just rough estimates based on the number of cards and the quantity of cases produced, so don’t try to hold me to it later!"
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