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Originally Posted by ebacardi2 View Post
donkey, no way your a moron man 49 retractions in 30 days LOL your funny(prove it or shut it) I want you to post my ebay ID that has 49 retractions on it. Funny how you and your 3 bb always on the same call out threads. You guys need a room!

Sellers do not get hurt at all by retractions. Do some research JA before you make a claim like this. Show me 5 auctions with retractions where a card did not sell in the range it should have due to a retraction. Can not wait for you to try and prove it.
Just because those 3 accounts went NARU doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Would you like me to post the ids to prove the non payment feedback Eric?

Originally Posted by ebacardi2 View Post
How does it screw the seller?? did they lose any money? 80% of bidders snipe anyways so if the retraction is 12+hours or days in advance how does that screw the seller? I will wait for the proof that an item sold for less then it should have because of a retraction 12+hrs-days in advance. I love call out threads when 70-80% of bidders on ebay have 5+ retractions on there account over a few months.
So you're saying it's ok to not follow Ebay's policies?
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