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Default 8 Boxes of 2012 Benchwarmers Vault

Good value on these $40-45 for a vintage box and 7 "hits". Usually do pretty well on this stuff, so thought it was worth a shot:

Vintage Boxes:
1992 x2
1997 x2 (1 auto/box)
2002 (2 autos/box)
2005 x3 (2 autos/box)

2012 Vault Autos:
Sherry Goggin 5/10
Cassandra Lynn (Pink variation? All the rest are purple)
Holley Dorrough
Zoe Gregory
Destiny Davis
Shay Lyn Veasy
Amber Goetz
Brandie Moses
Sandra Taylor
Candace Kita
Jennifer England
Cecille Gahr
Devin Devasquez

Promo Cards:
Caitlin O'Connor Tropic Beauty
Candace Kita Tropic Beauty
Mary Riley Tropic Beauty
Alix Agar Tropic Beauty
Syd Wilder Toyota Grand Prix 2012
Katarina Van Derham 2006 World Cup
Chevonne Delgado 97.1 FM Talk
Brande Roderick 2004 Non Sport Update
Jessica Holt 2011 Bubble Gum

Torrie Wilson Boy Beater Swatch
Kara Monaco Boy Beater Swatch
Louise Glover Swatch
Gail Kim Swatch
Tanea Brooks 2004 Kiss Card
Paige Peterson 2004 Kiss Card
Mishel Thorpe 2012 Kiss Card

Other Autos:
Kara Monaco Red Ink Happy Easter 2012
Jenae Alt 2010 Signature Series
Tiffany Selby 2010 Signature Series
Tamara Witmer 2010 Signature Series
Cassandra Delia 2005 (2)
Victoria Fuller 2005
Tishara Cousino 2005
Ryan Shamrock 2011 Bubble Gum
Jennifer Korbin 2011 Bubble Gum
Britany Lauren 2011 Bubble Gum
Mary Riley 2013 Valentine (yes, 2013 lol)
Cecille Gahr 2013 Valentine
Candi Kita 2005 Signature Series
Melissa Riso 2012
Julianna Prada 2012
Alana Curry 2004
Tiffany Selby 2012 Happy New Year
Kimmie Anderson 2011 School Girls (2)
Flo Jalin 2011 School Girls
Miki Black 2011 Benchwarmers Supports Our Troops
Lindsey Roeper 2008 Halloween
Kara Monaco 2012 Halloween
Miriam Gonzalez 2012 Halloween
Tanea Brooks 2010 (I think auto promo card)
Enya Flack 2012 Happy Father's Day
Brandie Moses 2012 Happy Father's Day
Wrenna Monet 2011 Vault Race Girls

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