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Originally Posted by Trueduckfan View Post
yeah yeah yeah, I'll have to eat my own socks on this one. lol I didnt think we were gonna lose. Knew it would be a tough game through the first half or 3 quarters but not like that.....We inialated them the last two seasons when they had Andrew Luck and all those NFL draft picks. That Hogan guy is gonna be another speacial qb at Stanford. And there Defense is for real. They played dicipline defense against us last night atleast.
And as good as Mariota has been, he just didnt seem on the same page with his receivers or vice verca. To make it worse, we actually had another shot to pull it off if they recover the fumble by Hogan in OT which I still cant grasp why they let him run at that point and oregon usually ball hawks fumbles.

I knew goin into it that we wouldnt be able to run wild on them but never in my mind did I think they would blanket our receivers and keep Mariota from being able to carve them up through the air. sucks....
Haha i feel you on that one...just an overall depressing game as it took a mere hour to ruin their rose bowl chances..o well
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