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Originally Posted by ebacardi2 View Post
No, just saying most people do it all the time me included(not saying I don't) but I was just trying to respond to the post's about screwing sellers etc. I just want to see the facts and correlation that bidding on an item an retracting a bid with plenty of time left has any effect on the ending price. If a card sells for 40 and I bid 35 and become highest bidder then retract it for any reason days before it ends and price drops to 34 but some bids come in at the end and it still sells for 40 how does the seller lose money The only way a seller gets screwed is if the bidder is the higher bidder retracts a bid and then nobody else bids, but that rarely happens. 99% of the time the card/item sells for what it should and even more then the highest bid of the person who retracted. The facts are there all over ebay just look at completed auctions and find ones that there are retractions on and see if you find ones where the item ended for less because of the retraction. I am saying this happens all the time right or wrong if it is not shilling and the seller does not lose out on $ then no harm. Just seems people make a big deal out of retractions when it really is not a huge issue.
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