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Originally Posted by Cubsfan4life View Post
They didn't sign Volstad, they traded for him to get rid of Zambrano. They would like pitching to come from the minors (every time does), but the system only currently has a few potential impact arms (Vizcaino, Johnson, Paniaqua), while the top of the system is loaded with position players. As a result, it would be much wiser to spend the money and get two top of the line starters when the time is right. Regardless of having the money right now, it doesn't mean you have to spend it. You don't want to overpay for free agents and have them on the decline already when you are trying to win. Theo has said nothing about Vitters and Jackson being good, and the team has already stated that they will be starting next season in the minors. They were only brought them up at the end of last season to see what they needed to improve on. They wouldn't be tendering contracts to guys like Valbuena if they thought Vitters was good.
They are still in the organization because they expect them to be starters in the future.
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