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Originally Posted by TNP777 View Post
So I take it that you are eagerly anticipating that this blows up in Matt's face? I hope I'm just misunderstanding your tone. Please forgive me if I did.

Me, I'm hopeful that those who invested in this break will be more than satisfied with their ROI, and the same for Matt. He's putting a lot of money, frustration and time into this endeavor, and I'd hate to see him or his investors take a financial bath.

It's really too bad that there are those that take comfort or joy at others misfortune. I don't get that mentality. I find it petty and mean-spirited.
thanks, i too cannot believe sadly what jerks most can be. I am not angry, off meds, poor or any of the rest of the stuff written by people who dont know me or have ever even met me. break is going fine. Lots of work that will get done, and if it turns into a chargeback disaster, if need be i simply wont do this stuff anymore. i wish everyone the best who bought lots.
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