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Originally Posted by MarshallCutler6 View Post
They are still in the organization because they expect them to be starters in the future.
Absolutely false. Every team has guys in the upper minors who they never expect to be a starter. They hope some can become platoon players, some might can just become filler for trades if the right deal arises and the player continues to improve. Theo did not bring Jackson up last year and say "prove that you're a starter or you're done". However, Theo is not banking on Jackson being the long-term answer at CF, thats why he has Soler and Almora. He isn't banking on Vitters being the only long-term answer at 3rd, thats why we have Candelario and Baez. The team has a lot of options (especially with position players), its just going to take time. He is not going to be able to build a 90+ win team for 2013 only through Free Agency, so there is no point in trying unless the right guy comes along who can contribute now and in 2015-2016 when the studs in the minors are ready.
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