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Default Over $19,000 in sales in 9 months!

For those of you that might care what COMC can do for you as a seller, here are my stats as of today:

General Account Info
Items in Inventory 8,311
Total Book Value $130,444.85
Items w/o Book Price 1,096
Total Asking Price $199,275.94
Items w/o Asking Price 2
Items Not for Sale 1
Items Ready to Ship 0
Total Sales $19,039.49
Items Sold 1,357
Items Purchased 1,298
Items Added to the Site 8,374

I sold a couple hundred dollars worth in the middle of the night last night to eclipse the $19,000 in dollar sales mark. (My sold book value is $19,653). I have only been selling on COMC for exactly 9 months today. I became a member on February 4th, 2009. My daily average sale is right at $70 over the past 270 days. Not too shabby in what's supposed to be the worst economy of our lifetime.

COMC is a great place to sell your cards. I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't have to pay any Ebay or Paypal fees!

Thanks again to everyone that has stopped by to look at and/or buy cards from me. You guys are great!

Take care,


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