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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Much happier now that my balance is back in positive territory..guess I'll have to hold off sending cards in for a month or two, think right now i"ve got 18 batches in process and all due to hit before Jan. 1 so should be an interesting for me as well ( I started on Jan. 23, 09) to see what my yearly totals will be. Figuring I'll be near 60-70K once everything has posted, but a slight possibility I hit 80-90K depending on where some of the cards actually book at.
"18 batches in process"...WOW! I think the most I had at one time was 6. LOL I better get to work on sending more in or you'll be passing me on the top 10 list quick!

Let us know when these get posted. It will be interesting to see where you end up.

After selling some of these cards, you'll have enough to be a Boggs Super Duper collector.
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