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Originally Posted by andrewwink View Post
is there any way i can join this? i can make sure u get the cards by the 6th. ive done other submission on other site but this would be my first on here
i think i am going to cut this off for now. i'll do another one in January.

Originally Posted by jcimorel View Post
You already have me down, but I am submitting these cards that will go out in the mail tmrw....Also, can BGS grade those sketch cards from 2012 Leaf BOF? just wondered. I really like them!

1. 2010 Limited Deion Sanders America's Team Prime Auto 4/15
2. 2012 Certified Immortals Emerald Curtis Martin Auto 1/5
3. 2008 Limited Matt Forte Jersey # auto 10/15
4. 2010 Limited Jason Pierre-Paul Auto /199
got them, thanks!

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Since my stuff was coming from canada, I sent my stuff Fed ex!! Should be there by Monday. At $50 shipping it better be! lol... Watch out for it mike!!
right on, the wifey (fiance' really) will be home to sign for em!
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