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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I actually enjoy COMC alot. There are a few things I have noticed though. If I see something priced just way too high, I will not offer on it. I have really only found a couple of buyers I can buy from frequantly. I see a lot of over priced cards, and I just don't want to haggle. I have no problem spending 500+ with on person on COMC. I prefer bulk and higher end. But don't ask me to pay $15 for a card that goes for $4 or $400 and it goes for $200. It's the perception of value, and it easier to buy it somewhere else and just not haggle.
Your 10000% correct. Many times the same card can be bought on Ebay for 1/2 the price with shipping included. But Comc has its deals also. Like you say, some COMC sellers are there to sell, while others are there to accumulate cards.

Its funny how people say collecting is a hobby, But i thought Card collecting was having cards in a personal collection at home.

Whats even more sad is that the lower end cards, under $1, are great deals on COMC compared to EBAY but the shipping kills buying them.
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