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I'm ok with the current shipping structure on COMC. As a seller there, I benefit enough by being able to spend my money without an extra fee being taken out, that the shipping prices, even on bulk orders, do not really bother me.

With that said, I do think the site is missing out on a ridiculously large amount of additional business because of their shipping structure. The #1 competitive advantage that COMC has over all other competing sites is that EVERYTHING on the site is in one physical location. As Robert said, on ebay or sportlots when you buy from 25-100 different people, those cards are subject to 25-100 different packagings (both cost and labor) and 25-100 different postage costs. On COMC when you place an order that came from 25-100 different sellers, there is only 1 package and 1 postage cost.

I understand the cost of labor issue, but I've always said that I think that should be made part of the consignment costs to the sellers as it is a necessary step of the consignment process that we're supposed to be paying for. If the current fee for full service consignment isn't covering all the costs of the consignment process, then fees for those services should go up... the expenses should not be passed along to the customers. But when orders of 500-1000 cards can be shipped anywhere in the United States at a postage cost of around $10, it creates a competitive advantage that could not come close to being matched by any of the competitors. But instead of utilizing this advantage, the buyers get stuck with S/H bills that can often times be 5-10 times higher than postage costs. The "postage" part is what the buyers should be covering... the "handling" part is what the sellers should be covering as that is part of the consignment process.

Again, there are advantages to ordering through COMC (really whether you're a seller or not, but especially if you're also a seller) that make paying the higher S/H costs seem very reasonable. On the other hand, if you could have all of those advantages AND have a system where the buyer only paid around postage costs (or even a reasonable cap of say $50-$75)... well then look out. You'd have a site generating so much business it would be tough for sellers to find enough cards to send in.

So the bottom line is... I'm fine with how it is now, but it could be 2-3 times better with very minimal change.
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