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Originally Posted by phil View Post
his ceiling is one of the greatest players of all time. tim duncan on steroids.
And note how much Tim Duncan cards are worth....they are treated as commons in most cases, mainly because he plays for a small market team. Just like his predecessor and teammate, David Robinson.

Since Davis got drafted by New Orleans, he will likely also suffer the same fate unless he forces a trade to a big market team an wins a bunch of championships there.

Note that the only six players in the last three decades who achieved hobby "god-hood" are Magic (Lakers), Bird (Celtics), Jordan (Bulls), Shaq (Magic/Lakers), Kobe (Lakers), and LeBron (Cavs/Heat). Before that you've got Kareem (Lakers) and Dr. J (Sixers), and before them Wilt (Philadelphia/LA), Bill Russell (Celtics), Bob Cousy (Celtics), Jerry West (Lakers), and the Big O (Milwaukee).

Look at the cards of Hakeem Olajuwon (two titles, but not in a major market), or Karl Malone (no titles, small market), or Patrick Ewing (no titles, big market) to see what is in store for the value of Davis' cards unless he wins a bunch of titles with a famous/big-market team.
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