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I'm bummed today ... I bought a brand new 2012 Tacoma double cab one week ago - so far I was loving this vehicle. On the way to taking my family to dinner we have to go through a toll plaza. Now, I have an EZ Pass, so I go through the lane just for these tag holders. As I come out and start to accelerate, I see a guy in a Jeep Cherokee driving ACROSS the lanes (perpendicular to me). As he gets closer, I lay on my horn and try to move a little to the right. The fool doesn't even stop, and nails the tail end of my new truck .. Tearing off his front bumper and busting up my rear wheel and back end. We manage to move out of the toll plaza and I call the police only to find .. you guessed it .. his insurance has expired ... My son (who was in the back) is physically ok, but is hysterical because he hit on the side he was sitting.

Everyone is ok, and that is great .. But now I'm bummed because me brand new vehicle is damaged and I'll have to fight with him for repairs since he is uninsured. And with the holidays coming, too ...

/end rant
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