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blasters have no shot at an auto which is what topps usually does. rack packs or jumbo packs as they are called this year have a shot of an auto at 1:120. there are full jumbo boxes on ebay but are $70 plus shipping and odds are against you for sure. the retail autos will be the ones to get as it seems like only pack searchers will be getting those for the most part. I still havent seen Vader (hobby), IRS, Akeem, or One Man Gang (all 3 retail). My guess is Vader got replaced by Natalya, Layla, and Roberts since none of those were on the initial checklist. I really wanted to get an Akeem and IRS from this but with none showing up they could be just not in it or as elusive as the HHH from 2012. So far I have picked up Doink, Kama, and Godfather. I also have seen no black parallel relics of any kind and no printing plates which were all supposed to be in this.
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