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UPDATE: Someone made an offer, and I sold the card which I had been using as an example.

In "Your Latest Sales" on my dashboard, it says I paid 50 cents and sold the card for 99 cents.

In "My Sales", it says I paid 25 cents and sold the card for 74 cents.

The actual effect was, when I bought the card, 50 cents came out of my account. When I sold the card, 99 cents went into my account.

So, that's the way it seems to work. Any card you bought in "simplified shipping mode" on Black Friday Weekend, the price you think you paid is 25 cents more than the price you actually paid. If you sell the card now, you get the price you think you are getting, but that price is 25 cents higher than the price that COMC counts as the official selling price of the card.

So, bottom line to the original question of this thread:

Say I bought a card for $.50. Now that breaks down to $.25 for the card & $.25 for S&H. So how do I price it to make $.50 profit? I would think I would price it at $.75, and then it would list at $1.00. Then when it sells, I should get the full $1.00? Am I doing this right? Which mode should I be in when I set my prices?

You would price it at 75 cents plus 25 cents S&H on

You would price it at $1 on
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