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Originally Posted by zorro921 View Post
Guess not. We are being held hostage by 1 inconsiderate member. He has been on the forum several times the past 2 days and yet still does not post his intentions or answer the PMs. People have circumstances that pop up and can change their funds availability. Thats fine but at least have the courtesy to post that you can no longer participate in the break so the rest of us can move on. Stop being a cowardly dweeb and man-up. Pay up or pack up and leave. I would'nt care if we randomed on the day of the break due to member circumstances that were posted (I will pay on this date or I'm out because....), but inconsiderate, discourtious people piss me off. BillyDan!
A tad dramatic dontcha think?
And just so you know, the break is not until Tuesday night. This non-payer is holding up nothing. Calm down. Ease up on the coffee or energy drinks.
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