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Well i finally hit my goal. My last shipment and NOW...
General Account Info
Items in Inventory 0
Total Book Value $0.00
Items w/o Book Price 0
Total Asking Price $0.00
Items w/o Asking Price 0
Items Not for Sale 0
Items Ready to Ship 0

Is COMC a contest to have the most BV? Gots over $1,000,000 worth of cards in my storage basement. Totally not interested in BV listing of my collection. lol. I do like COMC as much as you guys, but i guess i got a different prospective of collecting.

$1,000,000 cards at home
$1,000,000 Cars at home
$1,000,000 in houses!
$0 BV collection online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you sellers next month, will be buying more! and getting them shipped.

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