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From a value perspective, it's Bronze Age hands-down.

Here's a recent break of Marvel Beginnings II for myself -->

3 boxes =
$4.99 auto
$4.99 auto
$9.99 sketch
$29.99 inserts
$50 TOTAL for $150+ worth of boxes

There's just too many ~$5-10 hits for MB II to be worthwhile outside of case breaks which can still be very hit or miss.

Whereas Bronze Age is loaded with nice sketches and $$ artists. Rumor is Rittenhouse really doubled-down on sketch quality/artists to make-up for the last two sets which are still being discounted/easily found. Also from my experience, set-building and selling is more profitable from Rittenhouse especially with sets that have parallels.

BUT, many above make great points so if value isn't your main concern... it's close. Personally, I still like Rittenhouse inserts more and hopefully they can continue to be innovative with more things like shadowbox.

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