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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
If you haven't opened up any MB before, then you might consider MB II, since you can get a box of that for $15-20 cheaper than MB III.
Another good point. If you are a collector looking to make a set, even if its just a base set, MB3 starts at 361. I wouldn't feel complete without starting from the beginning. Bronze Age, on the other hand, is a stand alone set.

I like the quality of the base cards better for Rittenhouse over Upper Deck. I think the stock is a little heavier and there isn't any foil so they don't stick together.

As far as the art goes - that is personal preference. I'm a big fan of the MB base cards. Rittenhouse has done some cool stuff in the past, Dangerous Divas was my favorite in that respect because each 9 card binder page made up a nice puzzle on the backs. Not sure if they are doing anything like that with this set.

I'd say the subset cards are about equal in 'coolness'. I really like the MB prime cards (although I have had problems with peeling on the edges when cards are sitting in a box in soft sleeves and top-loaders). The MB subsets are very large though and you really have to be willing to make the investment if you want to collect them. The odds of pulling a hologram are the same as a printing plate or a sketch card, making that set impossible to pull from box breaks alone (well... not impossible, but it wouldn't make sense economically when you can buy the holos for $25-$50 a piece)
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