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case 1
natbornkiller Sherry Goggin Vault Kiss Card
natbornkiller Tiffany Granath Auto
natbornkiller Brooke Morales Vault Auto
natbornkiller Miki Black Vault Auto
natbornkiller Paige Peterson Kiss Card
natbornkiller Stacie Hall Promo Auto
natbornkiller (8) Heather Rene Smith 2011 Limited Auto
case 2
natbornkiller Tiffany Selby Promo Card
natbornkiller Brande Roderick Promo Auto
natbornkiller Candace Kita Promo Card
natbornkiller Carrie Stroup Vault Auto
natbornkiller (6) Sandi Taylor 2011 Limited Auto

all for 40 pp as gift or best offer
looking to unload all at once
this one goes out to some of the members

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