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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I don't believe you. From experience, I have noticed that people who brag on-line about something like this have nothing close to it.

People who have $3Million worth of assets like this don't brag about it. LOL Show me all the pictures you want, and I still won't believe you, so don't even try.
Your rights. I made the numbers rounded.
Its about $900,000 houses
$700,000 cars
$1,200,000 in cards.

I dont have $3,000,000. I should sell my cars and have a $7,000,000,000 port on COMC. Or sell my houses and have a $9bil port. lol.

wheeler, you renting? I got a house i could sell you at ACTUAL values.

PS: Sorry again to the other members. I just post this stuff because a particular member on this forum keeps posting "numbers" up. So i just do the same and he gets all sensitive about "numbers" . Bwhahahhaha
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