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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Waiting for someone to point off they killed off the black guy who replaced TDog and replaced him with another. Lol, there were a lot of "token black guy" comments the last time around but I'm seeing it a ton more this time on other forums.
I actually said that to my gf lol. Except there is now also another black chick, so I took it as a 2 for 1 special.

Originally Posted by timfsu2k View Post
So I guess whatever happens with Merle and Daryl goes Daryl's way! Good. But I bet they don't kill off Merle. Also watched a sneak peak of the next episode and it shows Andrea at least putting up a token effort on Daryl's behalf.
Merle has more lives that a cat. I would've shot him the moment I picked up the gun. She killed that guy so quickly with the bone (i think it was the bone she shoved in his neck) but yet she hesitated to shoot the guy who captured and tortured them

Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Yeah, that happened. Also saw Rick telling Glenn "he's alright, stop!" as Glenn pointed the gun up. Thought they were implying Merle was with Rick. Some other hints I picked up on as well. Can't wait, luckily I have Breaking Bad to catch up on while I wait.
I caught that as well. I was expecting the break to be longer, February is right around the corner

Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
I've always found her unlikeable but I think they've transformed her character to this point because they needed an inside view of Woodbury, part of the story and a character had to fit in there. Expect her to turn around and join Rick's group of course, and to play a part in freeing Daryl, and as I suspect Merle, who will die eventually to ?save Daryl.
Same here. I didnt get why Michone (sp?) didnt just explain things to her, but its more dramatical that she didnt. I can see things playing out this way.
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