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There is only one greatest game of all-time and it can never be topped... Super Techmo Bowl. This game had the most unrealistic feats, Bo Jackson 100 yrd runs, Jim Kelly to Andre Reed 100 yards in the Air with Reed jumping out of the screen, but to anyone over the age of 30 this game was it. It had a hidden feature called "techmod" thats if you were undefeated towards the end of the season, the game would play harder and have average guys act like superstars and run faster than the screen. I can say I played almost every team with every player and it was awesome. Yet all the unrealistic abilities made it what it was just unabashed JOY!!! I must say I am 39 years old and once every year or two I will hook up the Super Ninetendo and play a season!!! Long live the worst player in the game Ed Toner FB Indy
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