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Originally Posted by thepistonsfan View Post
Ha! It is certainly possible. This fans know nothing about loyalty or tradition. As someone who has lived in the DC/Maryland area his whole life, I can honestly say that other than the Cowgirls there isnít a fanbase I despise more than that of the Ravens. Spoiled, entitled, uneducated (in terms of football IQ), cocky all apply.
The feeling is mutual about DC too except they are wine & cheese and don't even watch the games while there - too busy networking. Tradition? Get a clue. You must me living under some rock in Waldorf. I guess not being in the playoffs so long really has you worked up. Geez, calm down. You have RGIII now, be happy and quit hating. I guess since the Cowboys have been so bad the last decade you had to hate on someone else, so pick the next closest team.
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