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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
I don't see how the rip and flippers do it with that one guy listing 2,400 sketches right out the gate (and I guess there are one or more others who do that too). Seems like that will destroy resale value.

As a buyer, it's great, but as a seller that would suck.
As a seller, it sucks. This is the one reason I will never touch another Rittenhouse product again. It's a came played with the Incentive program, and it kills everything else. However, if your quick when they list the sketches - you can actually get some cheap and resale them. I know I bought 2 last year from him, and I made a decent profit on them.

This is actually why I like MB. Those same sellers don't whore out the product and cause a sudden crash in value - plus their isn't an incentive game played. It's tough for those retailers to get their hands on bulk quantities of non-sport UD out the gate.
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