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Default An introduction to "high-end" sketch card midnight madness.

Hello Blowout!!!

Tomorrow night is a BIG PARTY, and you are all invited. Rittenhouse is releasing a new set of Marvel cards with one sketch card per box.

For those of us who collect "high-end" sketch cards, there is a mad scramble at midnight on release day and it is one of the most thrilling nights of the year.

There are a couple dealers that do a sort of "invitation only" sale for the first day, and I have never had enough money to become a big enough buyer to make it on those lists. A few of the regular dealers seem to have dropped out this time around, due to the fact that the market is pretty heavily saturated now - to the point that the "low end" sketches are selling for less than $20 each.

What are the "high-end" sketches that will be snapped up tomorrow at full value immediately after they get posted on ebay or dealer sites? I will give you my cheat sheet, since I am badly tapped out and cannot afford anything more than a miracle this round. This is the artist list, and I am placing parenthesis around every artist that will command $100 or more for a single sketch card:

SKETCH ARTISTS (Checklist subject to change without notice)

Arists names marked with a * are new to Rittenhouse Archives.

Adam Cleveland
(Adam Cline) *
Al de Stefano
Albert Morales
Alberto Silva
Alcione da Silva
Alex Magno
Allen Geneta
André Toma
(Andy Price)
(Anthony Tan)
Apriyadi Kusbiantoro
Arie Monroe
Arley Tucker
Babisu Kourtis *
Bienifer Flores *
Bill Pulkovski
Bob Layton
Brian Shearer
Buddy Prince
Budi Setiawan
Butch Mapa
Caio Majado
Cal Slayton
Cezar Razek
(Charles Hall)
(Chris Bradberry)
Chris Foreman
Chris Marrinan
Chris Moreno
Chuck George
Claire Pacheco
Dan Borgonos
Daniel HDR
Danielle Gransaull
Darren Chandler
Darryl Banks
Denver Brubaker
Eric McConnell
Frank Kadar
Fred Hembeck *
George Calloway
Greg Kirkpatrick
Hanie Mohd
Irma Ahmed
J. David Lee
(Jack Redd)
Jader Correa
Jake Sumbing
Jason Davies
Jason Potratz
Jason Sobol
Javier Gonzalez
Jay Fosgitt
Jayson Kretzer
JC Fabul
Jeanette Swift
Jeff Zapata *
Jeremy Treece
Jim Kyle
Joe Pekar
Joe St. Pierre
John Czop
John Haun
John Jackman
Jomar Bulda
Jon Hughes
Joseph O'Brien
Juan Fontanez
Julius Dean Abrera *
Justin Chung
(Katie Cook)
Kevin West
Kristin Allen
Lee Kohse
Leeahd Goldberg
Lui Antonio
Lynne Anderson
Marc Nguyen
Marcelo Ferreira
Mark Dos Santos
Mark Marvida
Mark Texeira
Mary Bellamy
Mary Jane Dizon Pajaron *
Matias Streb
Mauricio Dias
Mauro Fodra
(Meghan Hetrick)
(Melike Acar)
Michael Sta. Maria
Mike Kaluta *
Mike Rooth
Mitch Ballard *
MJ San Juan
Nestor Celario
Newton Barbosa
Noah Salonga
Norman Jim Faustino *
Noval Hernawan
Pablo Marcos
(Patrick Larcada)
Raimundo Nonato
Rainier Lagunsad
Randy Monces
Rhiannon Owens
Rich Hennemann *
Rich Molinelli
Rich Woodall *
Rodjer Goulart
Rodrigo Martins
Roy Cover
Saiful Remy Mokhatar
Sam Argo
Sara Richard
Scott Alan Gregroy *
Scott Rorie
Sean Moore
Stacey Kardash
Stefanie Battalene
Studio Mia *
Thanh Bui
Tim Shay
Tone Rodriquez
(Tony Perna)
Tony Scott
Veronica O'Connell *
Warren Martineck
Wendell Rubio Silva


There are about 10 more names that will bring $100 or more for specific cards. Values fluctuate wildly, especially with so much new blood in the pool. It's a great time to be alive, collecting cards.

Good luck to all.
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