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Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
You are worth $3M or so and still continue to conduct a non-stop tirade against COMC shipping costs because you don't like the clearly stated upfront charges? Something does not add up
Nah, i was willing to buy 1000's of cards off COMC. Think what you want.

currently i buy about 50-100 cards monthly in the $10-300 BV range. The shipping is fair for that range.

If shipping was capped. I buy 1000's of cards and ports monthly. I bought 400-500 cards with the regular shipping already also learned the Bulk shipping is not worth the risk of damage to the cards(non sleeved chromes,etc) get messed up during transit.

Think what you want, it doesnt effect what i have. It just entertainment seeing a guy talk about a "big" collection and still rents. IMO somethings wrong with that picture. Someone posted about his card BV being equivalent to a house value. <--- That sure doesnt add up. lol.

Again, this wasnt to brag , In the "off Topic" thread here, there are alot of weathy people talking about home ownership and flipping houses. THOSE GUYS are impressive and wealthy. I just a normal dude.
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