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OP is just being himself, let him be. Homers are annoying.

Batch outplayed Flacco. Pittsburgh won the game and they deserved to.

Flacco has come down a bit from last year. Partly because of Cam Cameron but Joe doesn't look good. To the guy bringing up TJ Yates, yea and Flacco outplayed Brady in the AFC championship game BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER because Brady got the W. Just like Flacco got the W against the Texans. A win is a win.

Between the debut of Ben and of Flacco, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, Baltimore is 5-3 (4-3 really, Ben replaced Tommy in one of the losses). Baltimore's had some terrible seasons in that stretch, yet them games are always close no matter who is the QB's. Wanna know how many games a team won by more then 10 since Ben came to Pittsburgh? 5, Baltimore winning 4 of them (one with half Ben half Maddox, and 1 maybe 2 with). It doesn't matter who the QB's, the games are close because of the defenses. I think Pittsburgh is better then Baltimore with Ben, I also think either team can win if they face each other in the playoffs and that is a fact.
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