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Default Thief of Thieves ULTIMATE lot 37 books !

I am gonna part with a small collection of my tot comic books to pay for some stuff.

i was gonna send almost all of these off to cgc but there turn a round times right now are wayyyyyyy too long. i dont wanna wait 6 months to get my books back and dont wanna pay fast track prices cause its a scam in my opinion.

EDIT i have decided to sell these separately and some are already gone prices are next to each issue include shipping and delivery confirmation

#1 1st print 8 copies $69 --- SOLD OUT

#1 2nd print 3 copies $ 13 --- SOLD OUT

#1 3rd print 1 copies $7 --- 3 left

#2 1st print 8 copies $24 --- 5 left

#3 1st print 11 copies $15 --- 7 left

#4 1st print 4 copies $10

#5 1st print 2 copies $7

all of these books have never been read or even opened.

all were bagged and boarded since the day they were bought new at the shop.

the #1's will not grade 9.8 but will come back 9.6 it is a tough book to get a 9.8 on.

almost all the other books will grade 9.8 or better there are a few that i thought could get 9.9 thats why i wanted to send them in especially all the 2's and 3's.

i want $950 including shipping.

i will not lower the price this is already a little below ebay and you dont have to pay the average $5 shipping cost per book and these are all cgc gradable.

i will also be putting these on the bay if they dont sell here fast.

here are just a few pics




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