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Originally Posted by JonMead View Post
also the claiborne non auto 1/1 rookie is at 1000 so i have no problem seeing the ware being at 950 when in reality it is worth more than claiborne

I'm going to chime in put my seventy two cents in on this matter,
We are fall victim to over valuing our card at times and I've done this many times as a seller my self.
Sometimes you have to be realistic and be reasonable within your self before you let a fair deal walk away because of greed or misinformation.
I've done this many times and I've learned the hard way.
You have a cool card,I personally don't think it's worth close to $950 and the fair market value says it's not worth $950 as well.
With that being said Cowboys have a huge following in the hobby and maybe you are able to find someone who is willing to pay premium for this card.
Defensive players don't get much hobby love and Ware is not an exception to the trend.
I wish you luck on the sale and hopefully I was able to make some sense without over stepping my boundaries.
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