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I actually have a Labrum tear in my hip. Few years ago I was playing softball and after a game I could not extend my hip or rotate it normally. Long story short it took 2 years to get an accurate diagnosis with 2 MRI's, X-rays and 5 doctors. I got every diagnosis from sports hernia to torn muscle but it took a sports medicine doctor who knew the injury well to diagnose it from the MRI. I do not know about the surgery for the shoulder but the surgery for the hip is very extensive and not necessary if one can deak with the pain. After a year now of leaving my hip alone and not constantly moving it akwardly to see if it still hurt, I am finally feeling better. He said it would start to heal itself but may always cause some discomfort. I no longer play sports so I will probably never get the procedure. I feel your pain, no pun intended, and I hope it works out for you.
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