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Originally Posted by thepistonsfan View Post
RG3: 16 TDs 4 INTs 104.6 QB Rating
Luck: 17 TDs 16 INTs 76.1 QB Rating


Garcon has only played 2 full games this year and our Defense is the worst in the league (4 of our 6 best defenders have been out all year). If we had a halfway decent Defense we would be 9-1 right now. Anyone who has actually watched every single one of our games this year care to disagree? Yeah that is what I thought.

yeah but the QB rating can be highly overrated. Robert Griffin is just ahead of Alex Smith who couldn't even hold onto his starting job with a 104.1 rating

Griffin beats him in QBR which is much more precise but its also much closer. 72.1 to 71.6

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