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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
No if you traded for them you keep them minus a round they were drafted in.

I'm trying to figure out the reason I'm out of the playoffs this year. Seems 8 teams made it and I'm the 8th ranked team overall and 2nd in my division. In the playoffs is the 9th and 10th ranked teams. The 9th ranked team I scored more points then and 3rd in my division. The 10th ranked team scored more then I did on the season but ranked second in his division. How did I miss the playoffs? Upon closer inspection the 4 worst teams made it. I'm confused
I pm'd the answer to you, but for anyone else confused, only the top 6 teams made the playoffs. The other teams are in a separate consilation bracket. Top 2 teams in each bracket get a bye, which is why you have no opponent this week. You will play the winner of one of those games next week.
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