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nice list. I will be sure to add them (another name in there looks familiar and I'm shocked if that is the case) see post above me...
My newest favorite is now all the RETRACTIONS I have received in the past 3 days. I've been on ebay since 2001 and selling for probably the last 8 years and I have personally retracted 1 maybe 2 bids in total, and during my selling time, I don't remember having one retraction until this weekend. I have gotten 5 just over the last 3 days. All just happen to be on brand new BDPP stuff (I think I listed around 20-30 items). I think they are fishing for prices or are just impatient. Not sure if I plan on blocking them or not. I dont know about you, but I cannot look at offers when I'm sleeping and I usually wait at least 24 hours to let other offers come in just to feel out the market unless there is not a lot of time left in the auctions or the offer is just what I was looking for in a fair market.
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