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Originally Posted by h4auto View Post
Your rights.

wheeler, you renting? I got a house i could sell you at ACTUAL values.

PS: I just post this stuff because a particular member on this forum keeps posting "numbers" up. So i just do the same and he gets all sensitive about "numbers" .
Thank you for stating I am right.

I won't answer your "renting" question. It's none of your business. If you think I'm renting, that's okay with me. LOL I'm not here to brag. ROFLMAO

I post numbers as free advertisement for COMC both to give sellers and buyers an idea of what COMC can do and what they are about. Someone as wealthy as you should understand a concept such as this, but you're not really wealthy now are you?

Originally Posted by h4auto View Post
Nah, i was willing to buy 1000's of cards off COMC. Think what you want.

Think what you want, it doesnt effect what i have. It just entertainment seeing a guy talk about a "big" collection and still rents. IMO somethings wrong with that picture.

Again, this wasnt to brag , In the "off Topic" thread here, there are alot of weathy people talking about home ownership and flipping houses. THOSE GUYS are impressive and wealthy. I just a normal dude.
"Think what we want"??? You give us no choice. You post no evidence of your wealth. Just random pictures that anyone could post. I post solid facts about how wonderful COMC is. No one has seen my collection and there's a reason for it...I don't like to brag. LOL

I also find it entertaining how you brag about being a multimillionaire, yet you complain about cheap shipping charges because you'd like them capped. It doesn't take a good math student to know something doesn't add up here.

$3Million...Wow! LOL
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