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Originally Posted by lucky4444 View Post
David Desbois does great work you should ask him if he is available
Originally Posted by soggydoggy View Post
Look up Randy Martinez, Cat Staggs, Rhianna Owens, and Chris Hoffman off the Scoundrel list above. All are great artist's and nice people to work with. I have art from all 4.
I would assume that most if not all of them have closed commissions lists and those who might have an opening may take several months to get to you.
Many of the better sketch card artists have LONG commission lists, so it would be hard to find soneone to crank out anything photorealistic. If you don't mind a more whimsical approach to the subjects, there are plenty of Scoundrels who would do a bang up job.

Although you might want to try Rhianna Owens who might be a relation to Rhiannon Owens.
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