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Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post
LCS opened a case...

I think every case has jordan auto..

But for the price it is awful

Autos of

its brutal for the price
Definitely a risky break, but overall a really nice looking product. Just a heads up there is no Jordan per case. I did the math, and the breakdown are as follows (numbers below reflect 6-box case numbers):

[based off of base card run, 21,000 total base/3, seeing that you get 3 per box = 7000 total boxes, divide that by 6 equals 1,166 cases]

1 Cut Auto Per 20 Cases
1 Woods Auto Per 14.4 Cases
1 Lebron Auto Per 5.09 Cases
1 Jordan Auto Per 4.8 Cases
1 Tyson Auto Per 3.76

After seeing the above numbers, and realizing your aren't guaranteed one of the above (four main people of value) per 6 box case you see how it really is a bigger risk than most (including myself) realized. If one of the above were per case it wouldn't be so bad, but they aren't. Oh well, just be careful with this one.
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