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Default 1 Case Marvel Bronze

Opened one case last night with the kids and had a blast as usual. The sketch cards just seem to get better and better. Most available except the Thanos and Colossus.

In a case you also get 1 parallel set, 1 bronze set, 2 puzzles sets, 2 classic heroes sets, a case topper, and 13 base sets. Anyway enjoys the scans.

(Note: Thought I would get up early and get a few listed since the release day wasn't until today only to find over 1000 sketches listed already so figured what's the point and figured I'd list on some forums. This is why we only get a case for fun. I just don't think the incentives given out by Rittenhouse is a good thing, but just my opinion)

Ghost Rider & ?? by Alberto Silva (EL)
Wolverine by Meghan Hetrick (EL)
Mystique by Frank Kadar (EL)
Electra by Mark Texeira (EL)
???? by Samuel Argo (EL)
Thanos by Ranier Lagunsad (VL)

Colossus by Dan Borgonos (VL)
Black Panther by Apriyadi Kusbiantoro (L)
??? by Lynne Anderson (EL)
Sub-mariner? by Alex Magno (L)
Captain Marvel by Irma Ahmed (EL)
Captain America by Mauro Fodra (L)

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