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Originally Posted by thepistonsfan View Post
That and the fact that Merle lied about Michonne being killed.
^^^ This

Originally Posted by timfsu2k View Post
Also, he needs to paint Rick's group as "terrorists" to justify trying to kill them all.
But wouldn't that lump Andrea in with them as well? The Governor is using Merle as a boogeyman to shift away blame for the city's breach.

Originally Posted by timfsu2k View Post
Pretty sure you just saw the beginnings of Super Evil Governor.
Absolutely. I can't wait, he's been too soft up to this point.

Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Waiting for someone to point off they killed off the black guy who replaced TDog and replaced him with another. Lol, there were a lot of "token black guy" comments the last time around but I'm seeing it a ton more this time on other forums.
Except that Tyreese is a main character in the comics, whereas T-Dog is non-existent.
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