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Originally Posted by ByronsCards View Post
Do you need anyone else?
Originally Posted by ;DanShakespeare
I'm in for 1 spot, will this be a live break somewhere to watch as DanShakespearewell? Didn't see a link. Let me know ill be a backup if somebody else backs out
I will add both of you as back ups, thanks!

And as far as it being watched live, yes it will be broken live but its not due to be released until the 12th. I just want it to be paid for and randomed before hand so everyone has time to trade/sell/buy slots before the break. I should have the stuff on the 13th as long as it doesn't get delayed like most of the other products. As soon as i get shipping info, i will post it in the threads opening post. I will post a link to my blogtv or ustream page the day of the break in the opening post as well.

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