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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Has anyone checked their status of the boxes ordered from Cryptozoic? I just looked and mine says Processing. I would not be shocked to see people get this product before the 10th. Maybe they gave us a date to shut us up about not having a firm date in hand.

I just saw this as the bottom of my order as well:

NOTE: This order has already shipped or has reached the final stages of processing. Therefore this order is no longer editable.
I just looked at mine. My first order of 1 box shows shipped and it was picked up by FedEx yesterday. It listed today as a delivery date, I'm only about 90 miles Cryptos office, but FedEx tracking doesn't show anything but that it was picked up yesterday.
My second order of 1 box from last week is not showing up on my account page.

Correction mine does not say shipped yet. Danni1185 is probably right, labels were proably all printed yesterday with boxes going out later this week.

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