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Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
I was told the same thing, no images, but was told it is ok to speak about my break, so here it goes:

Ok here are my pros and cons of my case

-One complete mini master set (including shadowbox), and additional complete sets of the Character Bio and puzzle inserts

-Costume set will be even more desirable, and valuable than season 1. The reason for this however is my only real con with the entire set (see below)

-Last year my case did not have a sketch, but I was taken care of by the amazing customer service at Crypto. This year, I got a sketch, so big pro in my book.

-Three boxes in my case had an extra hit, one an extra costume, and two with double costumes

-Had the best possible case when it comes to autos. Got a Season 1 Andrea, and the only autos I did not hit from season 2 were Andrea and the 2 versions of Sophia. Yep, I got Rick, Lori, and Daryl all in one case. As an autograph collector primarily, I could not be any happier.

-Only one really, there is a walker costume card in every single box. This means two things, you will have 2, and sometimes 3 of each walker cards in a case, and more importantly, it will make the costume set VERY tough to put together.

I got a total of 13/26 non walker costumes in my case (not including the two duals), and seeing as I am sure that at least one or two of the regular character costumes will be SP like last year, I would guess that even with PERFECT collation a costume set will not be able to be made from just two cases. It'll be interesting to see what costumes are SP. Based simply on the size of the women on the show, I would guess any of their smaller shirt items. My money would defiantly be on Maggie's Green Tank Top, especially since there is a double costume and a regular version of it, its already a smaller piece of clothing I have to imagine either the double, or the single, or both versions will be SP.
So the Andrea S1 autos are the box hit and not "in addition" to a S2 auto?
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